Our Engineers designed BLUMONT in the lap of Palakkad with 18 apartments and 1 pent house, units of 2 and 3 bedrooms at the most serene part of Palakkad-Malampuzha highway.

BLUMONT offers the best of amenities and facilities yet keeping the cost in mind. We want to give you something special as a discerning buyer and that is why our architects have come up with the unique PED style apartments. All apartments' in BLUMONT are with PED style (Privacy Ensured Designs)

BLUMONT where the search engine stops in Palakkad.

Naturally Palakkad

Palakkad is the gateway to God's Own Country-Kerala. A serene valley lying at foot hills of the western ghats. Palakkad is known more for its lush green paddy fields, beautiful rivers and long stretches of palm trees. Its mountains, forests, fertile valleys, rivers and streams are rich in flora and fauna. A natural path through the Western Ghat ranges connect the land to the plains of Tamil Nadu on the east.

Pure water, air and food are essentials of life. Palakkad is naturally blessed in abundance with forests, hills and many small and medium rivers, which are tributaries of the famous Bharathapuzha river. Today Palakkad is at the cross roads of modernity and its own special identity, all set to become a calm city alongside nature; it makes life easier, simpler and more beautiful. A city embraced by nature. Come... Live with nature.


BUILDING PERMIT . EJBR/01/13-145/PW5 /09.09.2013
POLUTION CONTROL PCB/PLKD/IC/CE/1573/2013/25.07.13  
FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE GI-57854/13/15.06.2013

Taking a Tour of Blumont Video